Be a famous musician.

Be a famous act or.

Be a famous write r.

Be a famous basketball player.

Be famous.


“Hello sir, we’ve noticed on your account that you have
Time Warner cable internet service but not Time Warner digital cable television.”


“Have you considered upgrading?”

“No, I don’t have a TV.”
“You don’t have a TV?”

“No, I threw it in the ocean.”

“Why did you do that?”

“To mess with the dolphins.”


“Well have you considered adding an additional cable phone line
for only $17.99 per month?


If your house
got into a fight with all the other houses on the block
would it win?

Does it have the character?
Does it have the heart?
When we are all asleep
and the buildings get together
and share stories
about us living inside them
Does your house use a funny voice
to mimic the way you talk to your dog?

Does your house ever worry that you are going to leave it
for some bigger better place
closer to the ocean with a kitchen you can eat in
and floors that look old but aren’t?

Would you tell it you were going
or just up and disappear one day?
Pay some men
to gut it
and stow its innards in a truck
leave its closets full of dry cleaning hangers and pennies you couldn’t vacuum out of the carpet corners.

Για περισσότερα σαν κι αυτά που μου άρεσαν πολύ στο

6:28 π.μ.

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  1. Κασσάνδρα είπε...


    When was the last time you painted your face?
    Not for any reason, or special day,
    just for fun, to look like an animal you appreciate
    or to give yourself a cool moustache
    or a teardrop, like a prisoner who has killed someone.
    How would your boss feel about that?
    He’d probably think it was awesome and give you a raise.
    And if he didn’t?
    Well, that’s not the kind of place you need to be working anyhow.