“a poem for orestis”

Orestis is fat



with a big belly!

Everyone laugh at his voice and his face.

Children mock him because he is a little stupid and he does everything you tell him….

But, one day in the class we were taking back our tests and Orestis got the highest mark!

Everyone was looking at him…

Finally we learnt that we had hurt him


the stupid people

in this story



“a poem for annaliz!”

There was a woman

named Annaliz.

She had very tall legs

and everybody used to look at her


She couldn’t do usual things like other people could.

She loved a guy named David


he didn’t like Annaliz because she had very tall legs.

One day,

she met David and she told him that she had fallen in love with him.

But he told her : “sorry but you are too tall for me”

Annaliz for weeks didn’t talk to anyone.

She was spending her time crying for him.

Until that day,

last year ……

A man rung the bell of her house

and told her that she is the girl with the tallest legs in the world.

She got into the GUINES RECORD BOOK!!!

From that day,

a lot of men wanted to marry her

and she keeps telling them the same thing

:”sorry but you are too short for me”

Τα "κορίτσια" εμπνεύσανε και άλλα κορίτσια να γράψουν ποιήματα για κορίτσια αλλά και για ένα αγόρι, τον Ορέστη.

Το βιβλίο ταξίδεψε στα χέρια μιας καθηγήτριας αγγλικών που το χρησιμοποίησε για να διδάξει μια μαθήτρια της.

Η μικρή έγραψε δυο δικά της ποιήματα και μου τα έστειλε.

Στον Ορέστη και στην Ανναλίζ, λοιπόν

και φυσικά

στην δημιουργό τους.

3:01 π.μ.

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